Suppliers & Collaboration


Are you interested in selling your handcrafted products on Curio Supply Co.?

We are always looking for new, unique and well made gifts and souvenir products that have been designed and handcrafted in Singapore, Vietnam or any countries. For us to consider your products, please pull together the following information and email us at

  • Your name, business name and brand name
  • Contact details including any social media accounts
  • Your business function e.g. designer, maker, manufacturer, agent
  • Details of your handcrafted product range including how your products are eligible to be sold as handcrafted products
  • Wholesale price list including options for consignment or sale or return
  • Your website address or social media account or a pdf for us to view your product photos


Do you want to collaborate with us strategically to package awesome products for our customers or have a creative ideas to bring our brands to the next level?

We are open to this idea and will work with you to conceptualise our vision together. Please email us your draft idea or proposal at